Writer . . . Author . . . to me it’s more than semantics . . . it’s about goals and aspirations for what I can produce.
In February 2013, when my first book, Hustle Henry and the Cue-Ball Kid, was commercially published, I made the transition from Writer to Author and accomplished a goal I set back in 1990. The twenty-three year journey was usually frustrating, often discouraging, sometimes painful, but finally rewarded and in retrospect, well worth the effort.
Now I can set to work on achieving larger goals . . . to continue writing and publishing novels, perhaps one or two non-fiction books as long as I’m mentally and physically able.
My aim is to make each book better than its predecessor as I strive to reduce the amount of time from the germ of an idea to the completion of the final draft . . . I don’t fancy waiting twenty-three years between publications.
I admit the thought of “best seller” bounces around in the back of my mind, not for “fame and fortune,” but as an accomplishment, much like an athlete might dream to be named Most Valuable Player.

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