Client Testimonials

“Jack edited one of my books for Solstice Publishing. His meticulous editing showed great skill in establishing and sustaining the story lines. Overall, he clearly improved my work substantially.” (Jack Adler, Author, Dark Hunger, May 2017)

“Jack provided the editing service for my book, A Penny’s Worth. He was very professional, met all deadlines and provided imperative input I might have otherwise missed. I highly recommend Jack as a his approach is very helpful with many well appreciated suggestions.” (Cynthia Austin, Author)

“I feel very blessed to have worked with Jack Strandburg on my debut novel First Wave. Jack is a consummate professional who was able to use his wealth of experience, knowledge, and creativity to help me improve my novel on every conceivable level. I am grateful for his professionalism, as well as his ingenuity and would highly recommend him in the future.” (Justin Herzog, Author)

“Jack Strandburg was my personal editor for two of my published crime fiction novels – Vengeance List and Lasseter’s Cave. Both novels were published by Solstice Publishing and are currently available from Solstice and Amazon. As a new author, I consider myself fortunate to have had Jack assigned to edit my first two novels. Jack’s experience and extensive knowledge in regards to all aspects of editing has been of great benefit to me. His guidance with grammar, structure, continuity etc. has helped me as I continue to write and I often find myself referring to examples of his advice as I review my writing. For me, Jack is a talented, dedicated editor and I wish him well in his future endeavors. ” (Gary Gregor, Author, Vengeance List, Lasseter’s Cave)

“What I enjoyed most about your approach to editing is that it was educational and insightful. You never wanted to make my books yours, but always wanted to improve the end product. I have always been appreciative of that approach. As a result of your editorial skills, I think both books have been served well. I thank you for that and highly recommend you to all those authors in need of some fine editorial work.” (Thomas Kelly, Author, A Snake in the Dome, The Last Black Hundred)

“Jack Strandburg edited my book, The Falcon’s Revenge. Jack didn’t just “edit”. He explained why the changes were important and provided web links to literary resources that helped me produce a good final manuscript. His guidance in helping me get the dialogue punctuation correct was extremely beneficial. I just received a review of my book from Readers’ Favorite web site. They gave me a 5-star rating. An excerpt from the review states…”a terrorist thriller that is nothing short of a masterpiece.” Jack’s editorial skills contributed in large part to my writing success.” (James Holling, Author, The Falcon’s Revenge)

“Jack Strandburg edited two of my published books and I couldn’t have been happier with his work. Not only was he a great editor but he taught me so much while he was working with me in the editing process. I have other books written and won’t think twice about asking Jack to do my editing for me.” (DT Mann, Author, Legend and the Photographer, Escape From Evil)

“Jack did a great job on Need More Road. He offered fast, detailed suggestions. Sometimes the editing process can be nerve-wracking but not with Jack. He was easy, and his insights were essential.” (Stephen Jared, Author, Need More Road)

“Mr. Strandburg is someone who pays close attention to detail. He is quite thorough and professional in everything he does. Mr. Strandburg has a passion for his work. It showed in everything he did with my book.” (Tim Yingling, Author, High School Hitmen)

It was a pleasure to work with such a knowledgeable editor, who has not just improved my story immensely but also taught me so much. I couldn’t praise Jack highly enough for his professionalism!  I look forward to working with him again in the future. (Kim Lozelle)

I was thrilled to work with Jack on my novel That One Small Omission. When Solstice Publishing assigned him as my editor, they told me he was wonderful, and he was! His work was comprehensive without being intrusive, and I loved how he made my story shine. I look forward to working with him again in the future.  (K. Francoeur/Anna Belle Rose, Author)

I recently used Jack Strandburg’s expertise on editing my book.  Writing a novel is a huge undertaking. I realized with Jacks’ help that writing stories and editing them are two very different things.  While my story made sense to me Jack could see where it didn’t flow for the reader. I am very pleased with his edit and the directions he gave me.  I will definitely use his services again. (Denise Stock, Author)