On the Horizon

These are books on my “to-be-written list”
They are in various stages of completion but a lot must happen before I can happily place them into my Published Books section.
Outline . . . write the draft . . . revise until I determine it is the absolute best it can be with no discernible flaws in character, plot, setting, structure, etal . . . an ambitious premise to be sure.
Then it’s time to submit to agents and publishers until one deems it is good enough to “see the light of day.”
One might believe since I’ve already commercially published one book I have an edge and I wish that were the reality, but if there’s one truth in the publishing business, there is no guarantee . . . no “free pass” to another book contract. Authors must continue to prove their worth, just as in any other field.
So in many ways, I’m (almost) back to square one, although admittedly I would think I have at least established credibility as someone able to write publishable material.
Although I have written and/or am in the process of writing in three distinct genres (Non-fiction inspirational, Western humor, and Mystery) my long-term goal is to write Mystery. However, should an opportunity present itself . . . well . . . one must go when and where they are called.

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