The Hand of God

The publication of The Hand of God will be my crowning achievement as an author, and if I have a best selling book in me, I expect this will be the one.
The Hand of God is a continuation of my first published book, An Appointment With God, but provides much more detail as to how I continued to develop an intimate relationship with God as I walked his path.
I will provide examples of times when I knew God was speaking to me, what he was telling me, and how to go about doing what he asked of me . . . all through normal events in everyday life, through people I met, things people said, even what I read and watched on TV.
He always has and always will be there to guide me, direct me, reroute my path when necessary, pick me up when I am down, regardless of the circumstances.
The Hand of God is my testimonial to how I became what God created me to become, to use the gifts he created me with, and hopefully help you, the reader, answer the question, “why am I on this earth?

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