War Zone

Simon Bradshaw, a Special Forces veteran, owns and operates a martial arts school in Chicago, putting his life back together after an unfortunate but amicable divorce. Everything is fine until his ex-wife Victoria asks for his help when her current husband, defense attorney Stephen Brandt, is abducted from their home in the middle of the night, and she finds a hand-written note threatening to kill him if she tells anyone, particularly the authorities.
Simon and a close friend and confidant on the police force must work “under the radar” to help Victoria find her husband, alive if possible. Simon gets more than he bargains for when he crosses path with a local mob boss and discovers Stephen Brandt’s abduction was part of a much bigger and elaborate plot.     
I started writing War Zone in February, 2006, between submissions of my two other novels, spending months researching and writing the back story – chapters with characters and events that would not appear in the final version. I learned what characters do and say and the events occurring before the story starts is critical to not only creating suspense, but providing credibility as to how the mystery unfolds and is ultimately resolved.

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